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How to Keep a Healthy Lash During Extension.

So you've decided to get your lash extensions done. You're so excited to see the results and you're amazed at how good they look! Lash extensions can really bring many blessings, trust me! I've seen ladies come to my shop sad, and leave confident and happy. Some people will never understand the power of lash extension, but I do! And I am here to say that it can be life changing!

Of course, the immediate thought that comes to your mind is "life changing experience to the better" right? Well, 95% percent of the time, yes. Let me explain why. Once you come in to get your lashes done, the first process that should absolutely be done prior to any extension being glued to your is a lash bath. Yes, a bath! I need to soak your natural lashes in soap to remove debris, harmful bacterias, makeup, eye crusts, and anything that will make your experience less comfortable. This process is usually done with a mild soap. There are many fancy lash bath soaps out there in the market, but my secret weapon is baby Johnson shampoo and some water. That should be enough to remove all unwanted particles of the lash line and be gentle enough on the eyes itself.


Nevertheless, the experience is very relaxing and fun! It truly is like a mini spa just for your eyes! After applying the soap, I will use a delicate brush made just for lash wash and foam as much as I can around your lids, lashes, and any eye area where I will have my extensions near. This will prevent any oils from denaturing my lash glue, and will provide the costumer more retention. Once we are done with one eye, I will tilt the clients head to the side just enough to be able to rinse some water and remove the soap. I use a paper towel or sanitized towel to keep the water from running anywhere else in the clients face and to gently wipe off the rinse.

After cleaning everything, I will dry the clients lash with a special lash blow dryers and add professional products that will nourish and protect the clients natural lash. I use a primer that will remove any oil left behind, it will re-nourish the natural lashes with less protein and lash strengtheners. This will make it easy for lash glue to bond faster, while protecting the integrity of the lash hair. At last, the lashing begins. Once finished, I will apply a bonder. A bonder will curate, or seal the glue. This will remove any glue fume, will add elasticity to the glue to aid in flexibility of the glue making it harder to break.

Once we are finished, I will provide the client with instructions on home care. This is very simple and easy to do but consistency is important, and can be quite challenging especially for busy clients. I can provide a small to go kit with lash bath soap and lash bath brush that can be used at home to was the lashes. Washing the lashes at home is KEY and ESSENCIAL for healthy natural lash strength and growth. There are many rumors on how lash extension makes your natural lash fall out. Rest assured that those rumors are in fact true, and can/will happen with bad hygiene, poor lash technician experience, and prior eye infections. before even applying lash extensions, one needs to be realistic of their eye health. If you had pink eye, eye infection, or any eye treatments 8 weeks priori to your lash appointment, make sure to ask your technician on advice on what are the better options for you. keep in mind every client is different.


Back to lash bath, as it is the most important thing a client can do for their natural lash. Each each night and morning, apply some lash soap to remove any debris. Make sure to be gentle, yet going through the whole lash line. You don't need a brush for this process although a brush would be beneficial as it can get in between the lashes and do a deeper cleanse. With Luke work water, rinse the lash line an use a lint free towel to dry them. Usually a paper towel will do the trick, so keep those handy in your bathroom. Avoid blow drying the lashes with HEAT. Once they are dried, make sure to get a lash won't and brush through lashes gently. These are always provided to you by me at the end of your lash appointment, so keep these handy and throw them away every lash touch up.

Taking this small step at home everyday will make such a huge difference in your lash experience. Avoiding lash baths at home can lead to lash bacteria, lash line irritation and eye problems. Many clients experience less heaviness and longer retention once the start the cleansing protocol. make sure to always ask your technician if you have any questions or experience any lash problema after your service. Go on and get those lashes girl!!


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